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This organization is dormant.
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Stop the War Coalition

Czech Activist Organizations:

This organization is dormant.

American Voices Abroad is a nonpartisan coalition with chapters and member groups in over ten international capitals bringing together Americans living overseas

Cost of the War in Iraq
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in opposition to US foreign and domestic policies such as the preemptive war doctrine and the USA PATRIOT Act.
After the terrorist attacks in the US on September 11 2001,  many US citizens living overseas experienced an unprecedented outpouring of support and sympathy for the US in the countries where we live, only to see it squandered by aggressive unilateralism and disregard for world opinion.

Founded July 2003 in Berlin following the antiwar demonstrations around the world, AVA reminds the countries we live in that Americans do not stand united behind the unilateral warmaking and restrictive domestic policies of the US government and encourages debate and discussion among Americans worldwide about the course of our democracy.

AVA Prague is a very active chapter which hosted the AVA conference in November 2003 (including a presentation by former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter) and a "Democracy Extravaganza" in 2004.

AVA coalition website 

ARE YOU AVA? If you agree with the Mission Statement and are a US citizen living abroad, then you are AVA. Just email avaprague(a) -- substituting @ for the (a) -- or fill out the form below. After that will be up to you, from just staying in touch via the AVA emails to helping organize events.

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